Ability to create PHP settings templates in admin dashboard.

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When configuring PHP settings on multiple apps, I like to work between WordPress and Craft CMS webapps. When setting up a new project, it would be great to have the ability to select a "Craft CMS" or "WordPress" profile PHP template that I have created that has all the PHP settings I configured instead of selecting the features I need each time and pulling the required config settings out of a notepad doc.

Under web application > [app name] > settings >PHP Settings you can have a select menu that lets you pull from a list of your own custom templates. Then at the bottom, there could be a save PHP template or update PHP template.

These templates can be used as config starting points, then also be fine tuned ignoring the template once loaded in. Say `max_execution_time` in the loaded template is 120s. But for this particular application I want it to be 300s. It would just show up as "Craft CMS (Modified)"

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