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It would be great, especially for SEO reasons, if the implementation of SSL were to automatically redirect in native Nginx. If I enter my domain with www and without www when activating the SSL, it is convenient that the redirections always generate a 200 code according to the main domain chosen.

If I choose for example that my domain is seorocks.es (without www) the following should happen.

The user writes:


Everything should be directed to https://seorocks.es

And the result is always a code 200.

A 301 + 200 does not appear in Redirect Path type tools.

Although theoretically it would be correct, it's not optimal for seo.

The result that should appear in redirect path or similar tools would be:

http://www.seorocks.es >>>>>>> https://seorocks.es = code 200
https://www.seorocks.es >>>>>>> https://seorocks.es = code 200
http://seorocks.es >>>>>>> https://seorocks.es = code 200

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