I wish to See Runcloud as the most Secure Panel Ever In the history of Wordpress.
Adding Site without adding any security Plugins cuz Security is Something which is to be dealt with at server Level. Listing Few Important Features:

• Maldet or ClamAV for Malware Detection
• Secure Headers CSP, Feature Policy (Visit: https://securityheaders.com/)
• 6G/7G Firewall with least False Positives ( Present One just makes the experience terrible where we can't even upload Plugin )
• NGINX- Rate Limiting, and Securing wp-config.php
• WordPress hardening with NGINX
• Prevent Image Hotlinking

I really Wish when a person Maintains a Server with Runcloud it's hard to hack sites.
Top-Notch Industry Level Secuerity (U can even add a marketplace for Runcloud where a person can Buy stuff too, where a person can buy according to his personal Need to extend the features of Runcloud and Is no more limited)

PS: Great Work Guys up to now it feels awesome to run servers so easily and Cleaner UI/UX

Under consideration Suggested by: Aditya Sharma Upvoted: 18 Mar Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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